What does a bookkeeper do?

The bookkeeper is literally the person who keeps the books and retains documentation for transactions.

Bookkeepers are often thought of as data-entry clerks, and for entry-level bookkeepers that is generally their role. As a bookkeeper grows in knowledge and skill, his or her role will grow, generally providing support for a business owner and contributing to the company's financial strength.

Where Bookkeeping LA Fits In

We will, of course, record financial data/transactions * Pay vendors and manage accounts payables * Invoice customers and manage accounts receivables * Process payroll for employees, pay related taxes, and complete and file related tax returns * Advise staff about bookkeeping policies, procedures, and requirements.

We will determine the most efficient and error free way to enter the transactions. We will create checks and balances within the software, but also in our processes, to ensure that transactions are properly recorded into their appropriate income statement or balance sheet accounts. We will ensure that data articulates appropriately between the accounts. Your books will be reconciled and balanced in accordance with best bookkeeping and accounting practices!

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