What to expect from outsourced payroll services?

Payroll processing services, whether provided by an all inclusive payroll service or a payroll software, needs to handle the payment of your employees, and often times your contractors, handling everything for you, or as much as you desire. It is important to find the right mix of features vs. cost and to ensure you are compliant with government regulations.

Where Bookkeeping LA Fits In

Bookkeeping LA provides outsourced payroll service, which helps you, our client pay employees and contractors simply. We understand and handle every aspect of the payroll process, but also can customize services to involve clients to the degree desired. Again, as with many other aspects of our services, we predominantly use QuickBooks/Intuit. We have confidence in their payroll related software and services. We have processed payroll using the Basic, Enhanced, or Assisted software used within the QuickBooks Desktop version, or the Self Service or Full Service options used within QuickBooks Online or which can be imported into QuickBooks desktop versions.

Useful Links

Check out QuickBooks Online Payroll for your business - we can also add you to our account so that we can manage the payroll for you. We recommend this service even for those of you using the desktop version of QuickBooks. It is versatile and easily imported into QuickBooks. Even if you, God forbid, aren't a user of QuickBooks, we recommend this service over any other!